Moose On An Absolute Rampage

3/05/2008 – All Things Valley League

Written By John Leonard Oklahoma City’s David "Moose" Dennis (Harrisonburg 06-07) is on a rampage of epic proportions: through 20 games, he has 12 home runs. The former Turk first baseman is now hitting 403/444/903 in 72 at-bats, with the aforementioned 12 home runs and 41 RBIs (the next closest teammate has 26). Moose was also named the Sooner Athletic Conference Player of the Week, after hitting .652, with 7 home runs and 20 RBIs from February 25 through March 2. That’s some kind of hot streak! Moose, surprisingly smooth around first base (he has zero errors so far this year), was my buddy Ted’s favorite player to watch on the Turks the last two years. Ted loves "throwbacks." In other words, guys that play hard and love the game: baseball players! Moose is certainly not fleet afoot, but he can rake and play a little first base. Of course, the next question is: will a major league organization give Moose a shot at pro ball this June? If he continues to deposit pitches over the fence, I say yes.