Meet the Team: Illinois

Its been several years since the Turks have carried any player from the Big Ten, the last of which was Brian Ritz of Indiana in 2011, and even longer since having a member of the Fighting Illini. This year, pitcher Ryan Castallanos will be the sole representative of the conference for the Turks.Ryan Castellanos-

          Ryan Castellanos is a 6’3 210 lb right-handed pitcher for the Fighting Illini. Castellanos is a sophomore out of Davie, Florida. His brother, Nick Castellanos, is the number 1 prospect for the Detroit Tigers. As for Ryan, he was selected in the 34th round by Chicago White Sox in the 2012 MLB draft, but decided to attend college instead. He immediately contributed to the Illini as a freshman in 2013 appearing in 15 games and starting 8 games. This season Castellanos has started in 8 of 9 games and has an ERA of 5.59 with 4-3 record. In 46.2 innings Castellanos has given up 58 hits, 30 runs, 6 walks, and 18 strikeouts.

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