Chick-fil-A Breakfast With The Turks

Chick-fil-A hosted a Meet and Greet with the Harrisonburg Turks  Thursday morning.  After players and fans shared a chicken biscuit breakfast, 6′ 11″ James Ziemba (Duke) attempted to limit his overwhelming presence for his pint size audience by reading a book about baseball.   Tyler Brown (Wingate) mesmerized both fans and players alike as he delivered a poem. The magic of the morning didn’t end with the final line.

Players presented Chic-Fil-A imprinted balls and Turks pencils to each of the tiny Turks fans. With all of the interaction between child and player, a connection was formed. Players invited both kids and parents out to a game one evening. Noting the well attended Meet and Greet, each player hopes for their own little cheering section Sunday as the Turks take on the Winchester Royals at Veterans Memorial Park.

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