Turks Open at the VET with a Win over Generals 4-1

The Harrisonburg Turks claimed the first win of their season Sunday night against the Waynesboro Generals at Veterans Memorial Stadium with a score of 4-1.

The game looked like it a may be a difficult one from the onset, as the starting pitcher for the Turks, rising sophomore Mason Studstill, struggled in the first inning, giving up a handful of hits which resulted in the Generals taking an early 1-0 lead.  After discussion with catcher Tony Beam, a rising senior from Texas San Antonio, as well as the coaches, Studstill was able to regain his composure and put in a solid performance in the following innings, pitching well and even providing shut-down defense from the mound.  Studstill was replaced by rising junior Jared Tyler, from New Orleans University, at the top of the seventh. 

The game was locked in a standstill after the early score by the Generals until a burst of action at the bottom of the fourth.  Bryan Arias, junior second baseman from Texas San Antonio, led off the batting with a drive to center field that saw him reach first base.  Following Greg Popatak II, a junior from George Mason, walking to first on a wild pitch, catcher Tony Beam bunted to successfully load the bases.  Chase Smartt, a sophomore from Troy University stepped up to the plate and hit a hard grounder down the middle, allowing Popatak and Beam to reach home. 

After Cade Bullinger, another product of Texas San Antonio, bunted to help the other runners on base advance, the Turks designated hitter Andrew Llewellyn took center stage with a full count and delivered a hard grounder up the middle that saw another two runners score. 

From the fifth inning on, the Turks held onto their comfortable 4-1 advantage, as Waynesboro rarely posed a threat despite multiple pitching changes in an attempt to rattle Harrisonburg’s batters. 

After traveling to Winchester on the 5th, the Turks return to Veterans Memorial Park Tuesday night to face the Strasburg Express in their second home game of the 2017 season. 

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