Turks Fight Back for the Win at Covington

Written by Rodrigo Aviles
Turks Broadcast Intern

Covington, Va.- The Harrisonburg Turks come back in the ninth inning to get the victory over the Covington Lumberjacks. After being down 8-5 in the fifth, the Turks bounced back and won 12-8.

The Turks are now on a four-game winning streak and have gone 6-4 in their last ten games.

Both teams scored in the first inning. McCann Mellett, the Turks’ second baseman, scored after Jed Bryant, the Turks’ left fielder, hit a single to right field.

Brayden Combs hit a single for Covington and the Lumberjacks’ catcher Logan Amiss tied the game at 1-1.

Starting the second inning, the Turks’ center fielder, Cam Grimes, hit a sacrifice fly to center field and Aaron Levy scored for the Turks.

In the bottom of the second, Logan Amiss hit a grand slam putting the Lumberjacks up 5-2.

In the third, the Turks scored three runs of their own to tie the game. Mellett scored once again after Bryant singled to left field. Aaron Levy was grounded out but Zack Budzik scored for the Turks. Josh Madole then scored off a wild pitch.

The Lumberjacks came back and scored two more runs in the fourth. Matthew Cocciadiferro hit a home run with Jonathan Barditch scoring on the play.

The Turks made a pitching substitution in the fifth inning and Andrew Rust subbed in for Jack Goonan.

Jack Goonan was the starting pitcher for the Turks. He got a 10.57 ERA and pitched four innings, giving up seven hits, seven runs, three walks and two strikeouts.

In the fifth inning, the Lumberjacks were able to load the bases. Tyler Sanfilippo was then walked and Domenic Boselli put the Lumberjacks up 8-5.

Rafe Schindler then came in for Andrew Rust. Rust threw for one hit, one run and two walks getting a 12.27 ERA on the night.

The Turks refused to go down and tied the game up again in the eighth inning. Nick Zona hit a single to right field and both Aaron Levy and Caston Peter scored.

McCann Mellett got a single towards second base and Harry Brown, the Turks’ catcher, came across home plate to tie the game at 8-8.

In the bottom of the eight, Turks’ pitcher Alex Hoppe checked in for Rafe Schindler. Schindler worked in three innings, giving up one hit and throwing three strikeouts.

The Turks took the lead back in the ninth after scoring four runs.

Caston Peter got things underway when he hit a single to right field and Aaron Levy scored for the Turks. Cam Grimes blasted a triple to center field and Caston Peter and Harry Brown crossed home plate. Nick Zona was grounded out at first base but Cam Grimes scored putting the Turks ahead 12-8.

Alex Hoppe got the win on the mound for the Turks. He pitched two innings, allowing no hits, no runs, no walks and getting no strikeouts. He posted a 3.00 ERA.

The Turks’ (8-8) next game is against the Waynesboro Generals (9-6) at Veterans Memorial Park at 7:30 p.m.