Harrisonburg Turks

Member of the Valley Baseball League and NACSB.

  • 1955 VBL Champions
  • 1958 VBL Champions
  • 1959 VBL Champions
  • 1962 VBL Champions
  • 1964 VBL Champions
  • 1969 VBL Champions
  • 1970 VBL Champions
  • 1971 VBL Champions
  • 1977 VBL Champions
  • 1991 VBL Champions
  • 2000 VBL Champions
  • 2012 VBL Champions
  • 2023 VBL Champions

A Tribute to Curt Dudley

May 11, 2005 – T.J. Ill, JMU Sports Management Intern

Curt Dudley is a busy man. I found this out before I had even sat down with him, through Teresa Wease, co-owner of the Harrisonburg Turks. She informed me she wanted to pay tribute to this dedicated individual in this year’s program. “His help is invaluable and its about time he get some recognition for all of the years that he’s given to the VBL and the Turks,” Wease stated. She then proceeded to list his accomplishments, which include but are certainly not limited to being the Vice President of Public Relations and Statistician for the Valley Baseball League from 1993-2004, the public address announcer for the Turks since 1987, and currently overseeing the radio broadcast and game announcing duties for James Madison University baseball, the JMU Ntelos radio network, the JMU Athletics website (www.jmusports.com,) and the Sports Information Department at JMU. Wow. I ask myself if there is anything this guy can’t do? When I did get the opportunity to sit down with Curt, who is ever on the move, I saw why the Turks are so grateful for his contributions to their team. Curt Dudley is a man of integrity. Instead of trumpeting his accolades listed above he shared with me how he has always had a passion for baseball, whether playing it as a youngster or getting his start as a part-time public address announcer with the Turks. And after I had run down the above resume he made sure I knew that he was also a husband and proud father. This is who Curt Dudley is. Genuine and devoted. Dave Biery, commissioner of the VBL for 20 years lauds not only Dudley’s tireless efforts for the league but also his character. “I can’t think of enough positives as far as discussing Curt’s contributions and values,” he claimed. As busy as he is, Curt Dudley’s integrity and dedication is never lost, no matter what hat he is wearing at a given hour. Whatever he has committed his efforts to you can be sure those around him will find him quite invaluable. It is for this honorable character and diligent work ethic that the Harrisonburg Turks would like to deeply thank Curt Dudley. After giving us so much season after season we dedicate this one to you.