Harrisonburg Turks

Member of the Valley Baseball League and NACSB.

  • 1955 VBL Champions
  • 1958 VBL Champions
  • 1959 VBL Champions
  • 1962 VBL Champions
  • 1964 VBL Champions
  • 1969 VBL Champions
  • 1970 VBL Champions
  • 1971 VBL Champions
  • 1977 VBL Champions
  • 1991 VBL Champions
  • 2000 VBL Champions
  • 2012 VBL Champions
  • 2023 VBL Champions

Tired of Waiting

7/11/2007 – Daily News Record

Written By Dustin Dopirak Daily News Record Keeping the Haymarket franchise on life support is starting to wear on Valley Baseball League President Dave Biery. "Yes, it’s getting old, and you can print that," Biery said from his cellular phone Tuesday, as he left Haymarket’s field and turned on to interstate 66. "It’s getting old for both Executive Vice President Todd Thompson and myself." "We’ve both been involved and we’ve both been up here. One or both of us has been at every home game since the league took control. The nights are getting long and it’s getting old for both of us." But it’s going to get older for at least another day. Biery hoped former owner/president Mark Keagle and the group trying to buy the team would work out an agreement Monday, but said there are still some loopholes that need to be taken care of. "We almost have a closed deal," Biery said. "There’s a couple of legal things that have to be straightened out. I hope they’ll be straightened out today. I think there’s a very small chance of a problem." The rest of the Valey League’s owners apparently don’t see a problem with the sale. Biery said they have approved the deal, which was one of the requisites for the sale of the franchise. The VBL took operational control of the franchise on June 28 to provide Keagle short-term relief and a chance to sell the franchise. Biery orginally set July 1 as the date that the league would cede control, but he has not extended tthat deadline four times.