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Turks Beat Braves 6-2

7/13/2007 – Turk Tidbits

Written By Jessica Merrill James Madison University Sports Management Intern Harrisonburg, Va., July 12, 2007 – It was a nail bitter down to the very last innings of tonight’s game between the Harrisonburg Turks and the Staunton Braves. The Braves led off the first inning and managed to score two quick runs, the Turks however came back to match those runs with two of their own in the bottom of the first. First baseman David Dennis (El Cajon, Califhttps://harrisonburgturks.com/NewsManager/Oklahoma City) knocked in the Turks’ first two runs with a double hit into center field that managed to knock in shortstop Ryan Wood (Woodbridge, Vahttps://harrisonburgturks.com/NewsManager/East Carolina) and second baseman Travis Peep (Chandler, Arizhttps://harrisonburgturks.com/NewsManager/Arizona). The next six innings would be silent however and no runs would score until the bottom of the eighth inning when the Turks would score four more runs to take the game. Right fielder Robert Taylor (Ingram, Texas/Ark-Little Rock) would knock in the first of the four runs with a single into center field that would allow Wood to score. Third baseman Brett Stewart (Niceville, Flahttps://harrisonburgturks.com/NewsManager/Appalachian State) would knock in the second run with a single into left field allowing Taylor to score. Pinch hitter Alex Lyons (Orem, Utah/Taft) then came in to bat for designate hitter John Murphy (Scottsdale, Arizhttps://harrisonburgturks.com/NewsManager/Arizona). Lyons knocked in the final two runs of the inning with a hit into right field that allowed both Stewart and catcher Andrew Franco (Destin, Flahttps://harrisonburgturks.com/NewsManager/Appalachian State) to cross the plate. The Turks will look to pull out another win tonight against the New Market Rebels at Rebel Park at 7:30. Harrisonburg will then return to home on Saturday, July 14th to play the Braves yet again.