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PG CrossChecker Identitfies VBL’s Top 20 Prospects

9/04/2007 – Valley League Baseball News

Baseball website pgcrosschecker.com recently compiled its list of the top 20 players in the Valley Baseball League. The list was compiled by Allan Simpson with input from the league’s managers and scouts. Similar to the recently released Baseball America list, PG Crosschecker identified Winchester’s Luke Greinke as the league’s top prospect. He was also the league MVP. He was followed by Covington outfielder Jason Kipnis, but then six of the next seven players listed were pitchers. Simpson noted that league officials felt that the 2007 season saw a jump in overall talent around the league, in particular in the pitching department. The numbers appear to support that assertion. In 2007, league pitchers as a whole had a 3.70 earned run average while hitters had a .247 batting average as a league. In 2006, hitters posted a .258 average while pitchers compiled a 3.88 ERA, and the year before saw a .257 batting average and 3.97 ERA as a league. While Waynesboro finished first in the regular season and won the Jim Lineweaver Cup as league champions, the Generals placed just three players in the top 20 and none higher than #11. In fact, many of the top prospects come from the lower half of the standings. Simpson noted that was a sign of the league’s improved depth. PGCrosschecker.com Valley League Top 20 Prospects 1. Luke Greinke, UT, Winchester (Auburn) 2. Jason Kipnis, OF, Covington (Arizona State) 3. Zac Blakney, RHP, Fauquier (Montevallo) 4. Shayne Moody, SS, Woodstock (Charlotte) 5. Ashur Tolliver, LHP, Harrisonburg (Ark.-Little Rock) 6. Donald Jordat, RHP, Luray (Miami-Dade C.C.) 7. Rob Gilliam, RHP, Luray (UNC Greensboro) 8. Tim Sexton, RHP, Staunton (Miami-Dade C.C.) 9. Josh Judy, RHP, Haymarket (Indiana Tech) 10. Tyler Kuhn, SS/2B, Luray (West Virginia) 11. Pat Irvine, C/OF, Waynesboro (Elon) 12. Garrett Parker, RHP, Harrisonburg (Oklahoma City) 13. Bobby Hernandez, RHP, Staunton (Barry) 14. Josh Eidell, RHP, Woodstock (Villanova) 15. Elih Villanueva, RHP, Luray (Florida State) 16. Jeremy Cruz, 1B, Luray (Stetson) 17. Chris Masters, LHP, New Market (Western Carolina) 18. Brandon Sizemore, 2B, Waynesboro (Charleston) 19. Kurt Davidson, C/1B, Waynesboro (Akron) 20. Dustin Umberger, RHP, Luray (Liberty)