The Wet Stuff Falls Again

07/13/2008 – Turks Tidbits

Harrisonburg – The Turks home game against the Covington Lumberjacks was rained out tonight. After being teased with light drizzle for a good while, the Thor weather warning system went off and the wait began for it to sound off and give the all clear signal. The rain stopped and the field was prepared for play but the game was still held in a delay waiting for the o.k. signal. That never came and the rains started again and never stopped. The game was finally called off and everyone packed up and went home. The Turks have used up all of their rain dates so this game will have to be added on to the end of the season and will be played on Monday, July 28th back at Harrisonburg. Game time is 7:30. The Turks (12-19) travel to Covington (18-13) tomorrow to make up the Saturday, June 28th rained out game.