Harrisonburg Turks

Member of the Valley Baseball League and NACSB.

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IMPORTANT: 2009 Season Pass Drawing Information

07/22/2008 – Around the Valley in 60 Days

Written by Jerry Carter Around the Valley in 60 Days blog Breaking News from Harrisonburg! VBL president (the Comish) announces a generous gift from the League office to those who have finished the ATV-60 challenge Earlier this year, Mr. Biery had pledged one 2009 season pass to be given away via drawing (with completing the ATV-60 loop getting you into the drawing pool). This would have allowed one Around the Valley finisher to take home this coveted prize. I need to mention that the original idea came from a conversation back at the D-III double header. The conversation was taking place between Bruce Alger, John Leonard and myself about whether or not we needed to add a bonus/drawing prize. I want to say it was Bruce that 1ST mention the idea and then Dave took the ball and ran with it! Tonight, however, Mr. Biery announced that one 2009 season pass would be given to Around the Valley for every 5 people that completed the loop! Yes, this means that your chances have gone from a 1 in 42 chance (the total number of finishers after a hefty group from Harrisonburg finish the loop), to a 8 in 42 chance of taking home a 2009 season pass. Thank you to Mr. Dave Biery and the folks at the League office for this generous gift! While meeting with Dave Biery, Todd Thompson and Linda Keen, a couple of questions were raised about the drawing and the challenge. When will the drawing be held? The drawing/ceremony will be held before the game on the opening night of the championship series. How will the drawing run? Each fan that has completed the ATV-60 loop will have their name written on a piece of paper. All these slips of paper will be placed into a fish bowl, from which Dave Biery will draw winning names. Again, one lucky loopster will get a League-wide 2009 season pass for every 5 entries into the drawing. When does the 60 days officially end? Technically, Tuesday July 29 (Rebecca’s 18th birthday, how fitting). To make it simpler, we’re going to extend the date to July 31 which will be roughly the end of the first round of playoff games. You have until July 31st to collect any missing stamps. If you have any questions at all, please e-mail us at crystalcleardelivery@hotmail.com. Now let’s recap the prize list for all of the fans that complete the loop that is Around the Valley in 60 Days. * Our unconditional love. * Recognition at your home park after your last stamp. * Opportunity to throw out a ceremonial first pitch. * A specially designed ATV-60 windbreaker jacket which will include your home team logo. * Opportunity for photos and story-telling of your adventure. * A 20% chance of being drawn for a 2009 Valley Baseball League season pass. * Hopefully, a treasure trove of memories that will last a lifetime.