Turks Scorching In Waynesboro

06/20/2010 – Turks Tidbits

by Todd Jones James Madison University Intern

Turn off the AC in the locker room, the Turks like the heat, and for the second straight night on a scorcher of an evening in Waynesboro the Turks were victorious as they continue their hot streak. Taking on the Generals (6-6) Wednesday night the Turks had to dig deep after playing from behind most of the evening. Starting Waynesboro pitcher Daniel Bradshaw quickly retired the first three Turks batters, all on ground outs. Kurt Wunderlich (Mich St.) had first dibs on the mound this night and in the bottom of the 1st the Generals went up 1-0 after a base hit for an RBI which was quickly followed by the last two outs of the inning. The Turks offense couldn’t find a comfort zone early as Harrisonburg would remain scoreless until the 6th inning.

After a walk and a double was given up the Generals scored again to go up 2-0 when an errant throw past 1B Patrick Savage (Auburn) allowed the runner on 3rd base to score. However Bobby Brown (Ariz) made a great running catch in foul territory and Wunderlich struck out Waynesboro native Terrell Thompson to close out the inning. Three straight batters were struck out for the Turks in the top of the 4th and in the bottom of the inning two doubles and a single elevated the Generals’ lead to 4-0. The Generals built the lead to 5-0 in the bottom of the 5th after three straight Turks batters were again taken down with two ground outs and a pop out at the top of the inning.

The Turks had enough in the 6th inning, and with no fear of breaking the chain of command, began to pummel the Generals. After a double by Emilio Pagan (Gardner-Webb) was followed by another from Connor Winn (Ga. Tech) Pagan was sent home putting the Turks on the board 5-1. Two singles from Bobby Brown (Ariz.) and Patrick Savage brought in Winn cutting the deficit to 3 runs. Shaun Cooper (Ariz.) then hit a sacrificial fly ball to bring in Brown as the Turks pulled to within 5-3. Harrisonburg made a pitching change in the bottom of the 6th to Zach Brewster (Ga. Tech). Brewster got one strikeout in the inning and two pop-outs later the Turks were back to bat. Waynesboro also changed pitchers at the top of the 7th to Dylan Ray who gave up a base hit to catcher Brett Armour (Young Harris) to begin the inning. After Emilio Pagan hit a single, Armour advanced to third base and when another single was hit by Bobby Brown, Armour was then sent home for the Turks only score of the inning. The Turks quickly dispatched the Generals in the bottom of the 7th and would continue their comeback in the 8th inning. Shaun Cooper led off the 8th with a double hit to left field, and would later advance to third base after the pitcher was called for a balk. Cooper was able to score, tying the game, after a sacrificial fly ball was hit by Scott Dalrymple (Okl. City). Terrance Jackson (Okl. City) would follow up with a double of his own, and after an RBI double to right field by Joe Huber (St. Josephs) Jackson would score giving the Turks their first lead, 6-5. The Turks D would hold strong and heading into the 9th inning the Generals would make one more pitching change to Wade Bilbrey. After walking his first two batters, Patrick Savage got a base hit and then Shaun Cooper’s RBI pop out to left field brought in Bobby Brown for the score, giving the Turks the 7-5 advantage which they would hold onto for their 9th victory on the season. Harrisonburg returns to JMU Veteran’s Memorial Stadium on Wednesday, June 23rd to face the Front Royal Cardinals at 730.