Former Turk Mark Brooks Excels in Life After Baseball

It’s comes as no surprise that the experiences the baseball players that compete in the Valley League have a way of staying with them. The summers spent playing baseball everyday in front of loyal fans has and always will be a unique experience.
The day former Turks player Mark Brooks started his own small business known as Art of Baseball Productions after graduating college, was the day he took his first steps to taking those experiences and knowledge to share them with the next generation of baseball players.
” My goal will always be to introduce personal development principles such as , humility, courage, resilience, and dedication as legitimate approaches to developing better skills in baseball and ultimately achieving the goals one has made as an athlete.”
Mark Brook’s method of sharing this philosophy has been by articulating the experiences he has had while playing in the Valley League as well in a Division One baseball program through online mediums.
Presently, Art of Baseball is in the process of becoming a legitimate business by providing the baseball community with an audio-book on mental hitting, hitting videos to help develop bat-speed and a solid swing, as well as a published book that will be due next year.
“Words can’t express the amount of gratitude I have for being able to put on a uniform. God knows I wish I could have played longer but the years I have had, I’ll keep with me and take them where ever I go. A part of me still feels like I’m playing.”
Mark Brooks founded Art of Baseball in 2010, the Bat Speed Blue Print and The Art of Hitting audio book in 2012.
The title for the upcoming book will be titled Base-bovationals: Philosophies of playing perfect baseball.
You can gain access to his private weekly newsletter, library of published articles, videos, and interviews with the links below.
Mark Brooks currently resides in Long Beach California