Post Game Meal Coordinator Needed

Calling all Harrisonburg Turks baseball fans … the Turks organization is searching for someone willing to take on the job of Post Game Meal Coordinator for the 2013 season.   If you enjoy coming to the Turks baseball games and would be interested in taking on the responsibility of lining up meals for the players, coaches and staff after all our home games we would love to talk to you.

The Turks organization feed the players after every home and away game.  It would sincerely be a tremendous help if we could find a loyal fan that has some spare time with good organizational skills and an outgoing personality that would like to reach out to other fans, churches, community groups, or businesses to sign up for each of the 22 home games and provide a meal for about 35-40 people.

This past season we had a number of long-time Turks fans donate money so that we could purchase food for three post game meals.  We had a group of three ladies and their children that made the team a delicious taco salad meal after a home game.  We had a single mother and her son make a meal of homemade spaghetti and salad one night.  We had a husband-wife team prepare yummy beef barbecue sandwiches and a desert after another game.  We even had two post game meals provided by Turks players families.

Other teams house their players with host families and those families or their churches each schedule a special night to feed their team.  The Turks house their players in college apartments that we sublet from JMU students so our players aren’t spoiled with home cooked meals from their host moms.

The Valley Baseball League season runs the end of May through the end of July and involves 22 home games.   If you appreciate our Turk players and would love to help feed them please give Teresa Wease a call at (540) 434-5919 to discuss the Post Game Meal Coordinator job.