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Meet the Team; Duke University

It is that time of year when Turks fans can finally get excited and ready for the upcoming summer season.  The roster is set, the players are in the middle of their seasons, spring is officially here, and all that adds up to Turks baseball being around the corner.  This year’s roster will return 13 players from the 2013 team and promises to bring entertaining baseball and hopefully plenty of wins.  The 2014 Turks come from many different college conferences and multiple teams.  So without further adieu, let’s get familiar with this summer’s stars.

Today we want to introduce you to players coming from DUKE UNIVERSITY:

Andy Perez   

          Perez, from Roswell, Georgia plays second baseman for the Blue Devils.  The righty speedster has accumulated six steals so far this season.  In his junior season, Perez has been a part of 19 games and totaled 10 runs.  Perez returns from an outstanding 2013 Turks season where the aggressive second baseman had a season .294 batting average; 163 at bats in 44 games, 48 hits, 32 runs, 8 doubles, 3 triples, 20 rbis, 20 strikeouts, and 30 stolen bases. Perez earned a number of accolades last season; being named the Turks Week 2 and 3 Player of the Week and was also named to the 2013 Valley Baseball All Star Team and to the 2nd Team All Valley League Team.

Nicholas (Nick) Hendrix

                    Hendrix, an Arlington, Texas native is a sophomore left-handed pitcher who measures in at 6’1 and 185 pounds.  As a freshman, Hendrix stepped up for Duke and became one of the more dependable relievers.  He has continued his success into this season as he currently boasts a 1.65 era through 11 appearances.  He has struck out 11 batters in only 16 innings. 

Kevin Lewallyn

                    Lewallyn, from Stevenson Ranch, California, is a freshman left-handed relief pitcher and currently holds a zero era with two wins in five appearances.  Lewallyn has pitched only four innings this season so far, but with his hot start, he could see himself getting more involved as the season develops.  He measures in at 5’10 and 175 pounds.

James Ziemba

                    Ziemba is a 6’10 left-handed pitcher from Hillsborough, New Jersey.  The Garden State native has yet to see the mound, but his ceiling is extremely high and he will be ready when his number is called.