Meet the Team; Georgia

Baseball is a family affair. Everywhere you look, there is family at some level. Phil and Joe Niekro, John and Jordan Danks, Justin and BJ Upton are just a few of the sibling pairs to make it to the highest level. The Turks are no exception. Chris Sorce and his younger brother Ryan as well as former player Jim Barr’s son Chris on this year’s roster have made the genetic connection to Harrisonburg. Even the stadium staff isn’t without its ties with Bob and Teresa at the helm and their sons, parents, nieces, and nephews helping through out the stadium and a trio of sisters in the concession’s stand. Longtime Turks fans may remember left handed hitting infielder Thomas Nichols in 2009. This summer, his younger brother Daniel will be joining the Turks summer family.Nichols, the 6’2″ sophomore from Leesburg, Ga, mans first base for the Bulldogs on a regular basis, starting 43 games for them this spring. Swinging from the left side, he clubbed a pair of home runs en route to hitting .260. As a freshman, he managed a .230 average with a trio of home runs, mostly at first with a handful of games as a DH.