Kevin Lewallyn: Week Seven Turks POW

Kevin Lewallyn: Week Seven Turks POW

Duke is known for their great basketball history but Kevin Lewallyn (Duke) was sure to give the Blue Devils’ baseball team some credibility this past week.

Lewallyn only made one start during the week but the performance he put it was good enough to garner Turks Player of the Week honors.

The sophomore south paw got the starting nod in Thursday’s contest against Winchester and went the distance for a complete game shutout.  He only allowed two extra base hits of the nine total hits he allowed.

The quick worker also threw an unprecedented 73 strikes out of 100 total pitches allowing him to work ahead of most hitters directly correlating to his successful night on the mound.

Lewallyn has not only been an incredible asset for the Turks on the mound but a great example and leader off the mound. Read this story below from Teresa Wease from Friday night:

“I really stress about what to feed the Turk players for their home post game meals. Last night my friend Lisa Driscoll Klosinski and I decided to do meat wraps for the players on Sunday night. One of my concession girls went around to the players to ask what they’d like to have on them. One of the guys said, “Seriously, we will eat whatever she fixes us whether we like it or not out of respect for all she does”. I almost cried when she told me what he said. It just touched my heart and made me feel appreciated. Thank you Kevin Lewallyn for being such a wonderful young man on top of a good baseball player!”

​Kudos to Kevin for being a “wonderful young man” and for his performance of a lifetime!