Turks Struggle to get the “Big Hit” Against Waynesboro Generals

Written by Kaelyn Spickler
Turks staff writer

Harrisonburg, VA.  Despite the confidence boost of the Harrisonburg Turks’ opening night win against the Charlottesville Tom Sox, the team struggled to find a timely hit last night. With six hits, the Turks only had one runner cross home plate while the Generals scored six runs with nine hits.

Senior second baseman, McCann Mellett, acknowledges the General’s performance. “They hit the ball well. It wasn’t us,” Mellett said. In the bottom of the third inning, Mellett hit a single to centerfield but with two outs down, he couldn’t finish the run.

The Generals, however, had a steady flow of runs starting in the top of the second inning. Christian Proffitt and Kobe Lopez each scored off their hit. The Turks attempted to respond back with sophomore right fielder Travis Reifsnider’s single but couldn’t get the score up.

In the top of the fourth inning, Wes Clarke sent a ball soaring over the fence as he crossed all bases giving the Generals another run. The Turks battled hard in the bottom of the fourth with hits from sophomore catcher Caston Peter and sophomore center-fielder Cam Grimes, but both players were left on base.

After a substitution in the bottom of the ninth inning, Aaron Levy stepped up to the plate. Levy had performed excellently during batting practice, and the hard work paid off. The junior hit a double to left-field, and Mellett is credited for Levy’s run making the score 1-6.

Even though the outcome wasn’t what the Turks were hoping for, the athletes played hard. “I learned that we don’t quit. We had a lot of guys on base tonight. We didn’t get a hit when we needed it,” Coach Wease said following the game. “We are going to be okay. We have a good ball club.”

One of the highlights for the Turks was on the defensive end from Peter who came out ready to play behind home plate. The catcher tagged three Generals runners out at home plate which prevented the Turks’ deficit from being more substantial.

The Turks are looking ahead to tonight’s match-up against the Front Royal Cardinals. Junior left fielder Jed Bryant made contact with the ball at four of his five at-bats yet could not secure a hit, which is something he hopes will be different during tonight’s game. “We just didn’t get the big hit tonight. (That’s what we will do differently) we will get the big hit,” Bryant said. Sophomore right fielder Travis Reifsnider agrees the team needs to get the “big hit.” “(We need) to be focused at all of our at-bats and not take any of it for granted,” Reifsnider said.

Coach Wease remains optimistic. “It’s the second game of the season. We will go to Front Royal tomorrow night, and we will play a good ball game. Hopefully we will come out of there with a win, and I think we will,” Wease said last night.

The Turks (1-1) will be in action again tonight in Front Royal playing the Cardinals (1-1) at 7:00 p.m.