Turks Suffer a Road Loss to the Staunton Braves

Written by Rodrigo Aviles
Turks Broadcast Intern

Staunton, Va. – Despite an early lead, the Harrisonburg Turks were unable to get the victory on the road at John Moxie Memorial Stadium losing 12-3 to the Staunton Braves.

Singles from McCann Mellett, Zack Budzik and Josh Madole loaded the bases early for the Turks in the first inning. A swinging strike from the Turks’ left fielder, Jed Bryant, allowed Mellett to come across for a score.

The Turks’ third baseman, Aaron Levy, put the ball into play and Budzik crossed home plate to put the Turks ahead 2-0 over the Braves. Catcher Caston Peter was putout to end the top of the first inning with the Turks leading.

However, the Staunton Braves quickly responded in the bottom of the first. A double from the Braves’ first baseman Andrew Czech allowed Braves’ shortstop Duncan Pastore to score for the Braves.

Eli Davis, the Brave’s right fielder scored an unearned run tying the score at 2-2. Afterwards, Andrew Czech scored for the Braves after a double from Braves’ designated hitter Colin Brophy.

With the Braves leading 3-2 in the top of the second inning, the Turks had three batters quickly putout by the Braves defense.

The Braves on the other hand, promptly got things underway offensively. A single from Duncan Pastore allowed Braves’ second baseman Kent Rooklin to score for the Braves putting them ahead 4-2.

A single and a couple of walks allowed the bases to load up for the Braves. Andrew Czech walked up to bat and swatted a home run scoring a grand slam in the process. At the end of two innings, the Turks found themselves down 8-2.

The Turks were able to get on base, but they just couldn’t seem to find a way to score.

The Braves scored again in the bottom of the sixth. Kaden Dreier, the catcher for the Braves, was able to score an earned run. Starting the seventh, the Turks were trailing 9-2.

The Braves once again expanded on their lead in the bottom of the eighth inning. A double from Braves’ left field Logan Flood, batted in Dreier and Braves’ center field Callaway Sigler. Duncan Pasotre then batted in Logan Flood.

At the top of the ninth with the Turks down 12-2, the Turks’ catcher Harry Brown was walked and this allowed Aaron Levy to score one more run for the Turks. At the end of the ninth, the Turks had lost 12-3 to the Staunton Braves.

Ryan Bergenhagen, Tyler Blomquist, Eli Ellington and Hunter Dula all pitched on the night for the Turks. They combined for 14 hits, 12 runs, 8 earned runs, 5 walks and 5 strikeouts.

The Turks will play at home against the Strasburg Express at 7:30 on June 5th.