Big Eighth Inning Continues Winning Streak

Written by Kaelyn Spickler
Turks Staff Writter

Harrisonburg, Va.- Last night the Turks overturned a 6-3 run deficit to put them ahead, 9-6, following the eighth inning. The game included two Turks home runs, both from Wingate- one from second baseman, McCann Mellett and one from left fielder Jed Bryant. “It’s very special (having a big win with his college teammate). It’s a lot of fun being out here with him. I’m glad I got to play with him this summer,” Bryant said.


The Harrisonburg Turks started Will Brain, of Eastern Kentucky University, on the mound who pitched a into the top of the fifth inning to accumulate five strike outs. Alex Rodriguez, of Wingate, took his place for the remainder of the game where he struck out four Cannons batters in his three, and some change, innings- making him the winning pitcher.

The top of the second saw some action for the Cannons as they had two hits, allowing them to cross home twice. They were the first on the scoreboard, but the Turks weren’t ready to give up their win streak.

The Turks put themselves on the scoreboard in the bottom of the third thanks to a two-run home run by Mellett. Catcher Harry Brown is the other scorer. This was Mellett’s first home run of the season, and the first home run for the Turks at Eagle Field this season. The score is now tied at 2-2 going into the fourth inning.

The Turks saw some more action in the bottom of the fourth with a single from right fielder Aaron Levy who was brought in from a single by catcher Harry Brown. The Turks put themselves in the lead, 3-2, but fall back down in the top of the fifth after the Cannons score twice.

Going into the bottom of the eighth, Turks’ fans begin getting anxious as the Turks trailed 6-3; however, it doesn’t take long for the excitement to begin. Third baseman Zack Budzik hits a double, and first baseman Josh Madole walks. Bryant steps up next to the plate and knocks out a three-run in-the-park homer to tie up the game yet again. “Jed ran hard all the way around the bases and scores to tie the game up. I can’t say enough nice things about Jed. He gives everything he has and leaves everything on the field,” Coach Bob Wease said of the hit that turned the game around.

The remaining half of the inning continues with hits from the Turks. Levy hits another single and is brought in by Brown’s single. Nick Zona walks, and Mellett knocks out a two-run double to bring in Zona and Brown. This pairs nicely with his previous two-run homer. “These two guys- McCann and Jed, are two of the best players in the Valley League,” Coach Wease said.

Rodriguez quickly obtains two of his strikeouts in the top of the ninth, shutting out the Cannons and keeping the Turks on top, 9-6, to win the game. The Turks are now on a two-game winning streak and are looking to make it three after tonight’s game in New Market against the Royals at 7:30.

The Turks would like to thank United Way for sponsoring last night’s game. Be sure to give them a visit in Harrisonburg to find ways to get your voice heard and get empowered on the issues Harrisonburg and Rockingham community members are passionate about. The Turks would also like to thank Chick-fil-A for giving out sandwiches to the first 100 fans.