Wease Set To Return In 2024 (Daily News Record)

Excerpt from DNR:

For longtime Harrisonburg Turks head coach Bob Wease, age is just a number.

This past summer was believed to be Wease’s 20th and final season as head coach of the historic Turks, but as the season wound down, Wease didn’t rule out a return in 2024.

Now, just over a month after Wease and the Turks brought home the Valley Baseball League championship for the first time since 2012, the 80-year-old made his plans for next year loud and clear.


“I’m going to definitely come back next year,” Wease said. “I know I’ve gotten older and everybody asks me, ‘Bob, when are you going to quit?’ Well, I don’t think age should come into play as long as you’re able. God has been so good to me with my health and everything.”


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