Harrisonburg Turks

Member of the Valley Baseball League and NACSB.

  • 1955 VBL Champions
  • 1958 VBL Champions
  • 1959 VBL Champions
  • 1962 VBL Champions
  • 1964 VBL Champions
  • 1969 VBL Champions
  • 1970 VBL Champions
  • 1971 VBL Champions
  • 1977 VBL Champions
  • 1991 VBL Champions
  • 2000 VBL Champions
  • 2012 VBL Champions
  • 2023 VBL Champions


Every year the Harrisonburg Turks offer a variety of non-paying internships to college students, for class credit and/or work experience. These internships help with various aspects of our team and help to ensure a successful season. If you are interested in any of the internships below, please let us know ASAP. We begin looking for interns for the next season as soon as the current season ends.

Broadcasting Intern:    

Responsible for broadcasting play-by-play for home games along with our team webcast announcer. Will provide color commentary during the game and contribute to pre-and-post game shows. Research and prepare for visitors, prepare game notes, stat packs, and other game-day paperwork. Opportunity to travel with the team and do media-related duties while the team is on the road, tweeting games and writing a game article for the website.

Marketing/Fan Engagement Intern(s):

The Marketing/Fan Engagement intern will be the most active on game day, entertaining the crowd with games, skits, and promotions. Will gain experience in writing by composing game-day scripts. Intern will run the on-field games and be responsible for gathering and hosting participants and retrieving props. Duties include the organization of props in the storage facility. The Marketing/Fan Engagement intern will also gain experience in sales and public relations by assisting with mascot and team appearances. Will assist Operations Manager working with sponsors for promotional nights, etc. Intern will also work with Social Media intern planning strategies for upcoming events and capturing photographs of fans and games.

Photography/Videography Intern:

This person should have their own equipment and be knowledgeable in all aspects of producing videos. Will take photos at home games and Turks appearances to be used on website and all social media. Will be responsible for making videos to be used on Turks YouTube Channel. Will collaborate with Social Media intern on photography coverage and utilization.

Social Media Intern:

The Social Media Intern will assist with the marketing strategies for all the Turks social media platforms: Facebook, Facebook Live, Twitter, and Instagram to increase traffic on those sites. Will take photos during games and Turks appearances to be used on these sites. Will be responsible for making Facebook banners to promote sponsored games, community recognition games, and other special activities. The intern should interact with fans for their questions, comments, and suggestions. The intern should attend any Turks Meet and Greet or other appearances. Will assist the Operations Manager, along with the marketing interns, on non-game days. Must have experience in Photoshop.

Staff Writer:     

Will be responsible for writing all home game recaps, special interest articles for the website to be featured on our off days, and articles promoting sponsored games and Turks appearances. Will be responsible for providing press releases about Turks players to pertinent players’ school SID, and appropriate press releases sent to their hometown newspapers. The staff writer will also be responsible for conducting interviews with players and coaches to be used on our website video box.