Harrisonburg Turks

Member of the Valley Baseball League and NACSB.

  • 1955 VBL Champions
  • 1958 VBL Champions
  • 1959 VBL Champions
  • 1962 VBL Champions
  • 1964 VBL Champions
  • 1969 VBL Champions
  • 1970 VBL Champions
  • 1971 VBL Champions
  • 1977 VBL Champions
  • 1991 VBL Champions
  • 2000 VBL Champions
  • 2012 VBL Champions
  • 2023 VBL Champions

TURKS Alumni In The Draft


Twelve Harrisonburg TURKS alumni found themselves selected in the 2005 Major League Baseball draft. 1stRound- Cliff Pennington- SS- Texas A&M -Oakland-2003 Turk 10thRound- Nick Pereira – RHP- U.San Fran.-San Fran.-2004 Turk 11thRound- Jeff Kamrath – RHP- UVA -Tampa Bay-2001 Turk 13thRound- Jeff Van Houten – OF- U.Arizona -Florida-2003 Turk 17thRound- Tyler Norrick – LHP- U.Southern Illinois-Toronto-2004 Turk 21stRound- Coby Mavroulis – RHP- Texas A&M -Washington-2003 Turk 26thRound- Pat Caldwell – LHP- Yavapai JC -NY Yankees-2004 Turk 28thRound- Scott Byrnes – RHP- Purdue -Toronto-2002 Turk 30thRound- Chris Fessler – RHP- Yavapai JC -Tampa Bay-2005 Turk 32ndRound- Corby Heckman – 2B – U.Indiana -Seattle-2004 Turk 33rdRound- Mike Mlotkowski – RHP- Ok.City U. -NY Yankees-2004 Turk Free Agent- Joe Kemp – 1B- U.Indiana -Texas- 2004 Turk It was our pleasure to have been a part of and crossed these college players paths on their journey of reaching their ultimate goal….becoming a major league baseball player. The TURKS organization will take pride in watching these young men continue to work towards that goal. As each of them take their prospective fields we’ll look back with fond memories of their summer days at Veterans Memorial Stadium and the friendships that we made over the years. We congratulate these young men and wish them success in their major league careers.