Harrisonburg Turks

Member of the Valley Baseball League and NACSB.

  • 1955 VBL Champions
  • 1958 VBL Champions
  • 1959 VBL Champions
  • 1962 VBL Champions
  • 1964 VBL Champions
  • 1969 VBL Champions
  • 1970 VBL Champions
  • 1971 VBL Champions
  • 1977 VBL Champions
  • 1991 VBL Champions
  • 2000 VBL Champions
  • 2012 VBL Champions
  • 2023 VBL Champions

Camp OCU Student Athlete of the Week

04/14/2008 – Oklahoma City University Athletics

Landon Camp missed out on an opportunity he was looking forward to last summer when he suffered a shoulder injury. He dislocated his shoulder whiling diving into a bag. He finished the season before he went to the doctor. He later learned he would need surgery on a torn labrum and would not be able to play summer ball. Camp made it back for the last practice during the fall season and has been playing ever since. “My injury made me want to play that much more because I couldn’t play,” said Camp. "Any athlete knows it’s hard to watch your team play while you are unable to help." This past week Camp had a .455 batting average with three home runs and seven RBIs. He is this week’s Super Star of the Week. Camp said OCU hitting coach Keith Lytle has helped him have a year where he’s already surpassed his career highs for runs, homers and RBIs. “I started struggling, and Coach Lytle started working on my mechanics,” said Camp. "I am finally starting to feel comfortable and confidant with my overall abilities and playing. Statistics are there for a reason, but they really don’t matter to me. I am in it for the wins. As long as I can help the team win, no matter what, that’s all I care about.” The Stars are heading into the stretch run of their season, and Camp believes they have good chances to make a late run. “We are playing well lately," Camp said. "If we keep the momentum into the postseason, great things can happen.” And Camp will get his opportunity to play summer ball. This summer, Camp will get to make up for the opportunity he missed out on. He will be going to Harrisonburg, Va., this summer.