06/10/2008 – Valley Baseball League Newsroom

Major League Baseball clubs selected 78 former and current Valley Baseball League players during the recent 2008 First-Year Player Draft held on Thursday, June 5 and Friday, June 6. After having its highest pick in 2007 in the supplemental round, the Valley League saw a former player picked seventh overall when Yonder Alonso of the University of Miami was selected by the Cincinnati Reds. Alonso, who helped lead the Luray Wranglers to the Jim Lineweaver VBL Championship in 2006, is currently leading Miami into the College World Series. He was one of four Hurricanes to play in the VBL and be picked in the first three rounds. The draftees included each of the last two Valley League MVPs in Auburn star Luke Greinke and West Virginia’s Tyler Kuhn. Greinke was the 2007 MVP with the Winchester Royals and was picked by the New York Yankees in the 12th round. Kuhn was the 2006 league MVP with Luray and was taken in the 15th round by the Chicago White Sox. Luray headlined the list of draft selections with 19 former players taken by MLB organizations. Staunton had 12 selections and Covington added nine. Harrisonburg, Waynesboro, and Winchester each had seven while Woodstock added six and New Market chipped in five. National League clubs chose 49 Valley Leaguers, compared to 29 taken by American League teams. The Florida Marlins, New York Mets, Houston Astros, and Cincinnati Reds each selected five to lead the way. The closest franchise to the VBL, the Washington Nationals, selected three. The Baltimore Orioles, which led all teams in 2007 with six draftees, was one of only three MLB teams to not pick a Valley League player in 2008, along with the Kansas City Royals and Cleveland Indians. Valley League Selections in 2008 MLB Draft Name, College, Round#/Overall Pick#, (VBL team and year) MLB Team Yonder Alonso, Miami, 1/7 (Luray ’06), Cincinnati Reds Carolos Guitierrez, Miami, 1/27 (Luray ’07), Minnesota Twins Ryan Flaherty, Vanderbilt, 1A/41 (Waynesboro), Chicago Cubs Dennis Raben, Miami, 2/66 (Staunton ’06), Seattle Mariners Craig Kimbrel, Wallace State C.C., 3/96 (Harrisonburg), Atlanta Braves Blake Tekotte, Miami, 3/101 (Woodstock ’06), San Diego Padres Jason Kipnis, Arizona State, 4/135 (Covington ’07), San Diego Padres Pete Andrelczyk, Coastal Carolina, 5/148 (Waynesboro ’07), Florida Marlins Collin Cowgill, Kentucky, 5/168 (Covington ’05), Arizona Diamondbacks John Gaston, Arizona, 7/212 (Harrisonburg), Houston Astros Eric Campbell, Boston College, 8/254 (Luray ’06), New York Mets Ryan Verdugo, Louisiana State, 9/267 (Staunton ’08), San Francisco Giants Jared Bolden, VCU, 9/273 (Luray ’08), Texas Rangers Steven Caseres, James Madison, 9/277 (Staunton ’07, ’08), Los Angeles Dodgers Michael Bowman, VMI, 9/278 (Staunton ’06), Milwaukee Brewers Billy Morrison, Western Michigan, 9/282 (Winchester), Seattle Mariners Charles Leesman, Xavier, 11/330 (Staunton ’07), Chicago White Sox Dominic de la Osa, Vanderbilt, 11/336 (Waynesboro), Minnesota Twins Brandon Turner, Mississippi State, 12/358 (Covington ’07), Florida Marlins Corey Young, Seton Hall, 12/363 (Covington ’06), Texas Rangers Matthew Wright, Shippensburg, 12/369 (New Market), Toronto Blue Jays Braulio Prado, St. Leo’s, 12/379 (Woodstock), Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Luke Greinke, Auburn, 12/380 (Winchester ’07), New York Yankees Michael Harrington, Charleston, 13/396 (Luray ’05), Minnesota Twins Mike McKenna, Florida Atlantic, 14/413 (Haymarket ’05), Tampa Bay Rays Michael Schwimer, Virginia, 14/436 (Winchester ’06), Philladelphia Phillies Tyler Kuhn, West Virginia, 15/450 (Luray ’06, ’07), Chicago White Sox Phil Disher, South Carolina, 15/452 (Front Royal ’05), Houston Astros Joey Butler, New Orleans, 15/453 (New Market), Texas Rangers Mitch Herold, Central Florida, 16/502 (Luray ’06), Boston Red Sox Addison Maruszak, South Florida, 17/530 (Woodstock ’06), New York Yankees David Genao, Oral Roberts, 18/533 (Haymarket ’07), Tampa Bay Rays Jared Bradford, Louisiana State, 18/545 (Luray ’06), St. Louis Cardinals Ben Guez, William & Mary, 19/583 (Covington ’06), Detroit Tigers Zach Rosenbaum, Charlotte, 19/584 (Woodstock ’07), New York Mets Trey Sutton, Southern Mississippi, 20/597 (Covington ’05), San Francisco Giants Wade Korpi, Notre Dame, 20/598 (Staunton ’05, ’06, ’07), Florida Marlins Michael Hollander, Louisiana State, 20/603 (Luray ’07), Texas Rangers Bryan Woodall, Auburn, 21/648 (Winchester), Arizona Diamondbacks Karim Turkamani, Miami-Dade, 22/669 (Luray ’08), Toronto Blue Jays Neil Schenk, Memphis, 23/683 (Woodstock ’06, ’07), Tampa Bay Rays Ryan Sontag, Arizona State, 23/701 (Winchester ’07, ’08), Chicago Cubs Evan LeBlanc, Santa Clara, 23/704 (Harrisonburg ’06), New York Mets Enrique Garcia, Miami, 24/719 (Winchester ’05, ’06), Cincinnati Reds Shane Moody, Charlotte, 24/730 (Woodstock ’06, ’07), Atlanta Braves Robert Taylor, Arkansas-Little Rock, 25/748 (Harrisonburg ’07), Florida Marlins Joseph Garrett, Charleston, 25/751 (Luray ‘07/Staunton ’07), Washington Nationals Trey Barham, VMI, 25/754 (Front Royal ’06), Oakland Athletics Rebel Ridling, Oklahoma State, 25/761 (Covington ’05), Chicago Cubs Adam Severino, Miami, 26/786 (Luray ’07), Minnesota Twins Ryan Bergh, Old Dominion, 26/796 (Front Royal ’06), Philadelphia Phillies Elih Villanueva, Florida State, 27/808 (Luray ’05, ’07), Florida Marlins Danny Rodriguez, Miami-Dade, 26/816 (Staunton ’08), Arizona Diamondbacks Tommy Johnson, Marshall, 27/822 (Fauquier ’07), Seattle Mariners Jeff Flagg, Mississippi State, 27/824 (Covington ’07), New York Mets Nick Arata, Florida Atlantic, 28/841 (New Market), Washington Nationals Chris Jackson, VCU, 29/872 (Luray ’08), Houston Astros Matt Baugh, San Francisco, 29/887 (Harrisonburg ’05, ’06), Colorado Rockies Jeremy Thorne, Florida Southern, 29/889 (Staunton ’05, ’06/Waynesboro ’06), Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Andrew Frezza, Barry, 31/952 (Luray ’07), Boston Red Sox Matt Payne, North Carolina State, 34/1014 (Staunton ’07), Pittsburgh Pirates Brian Pruitt, Stetson, 34/1021 (Luray ’05), Washington Nationals Jacob Elmore, Arizona State, 34/1038 (Winchester), Arizona Diamondbacks Matt Way, Washington State, 36/1077 (Harrisonburg ’08), San Francisco Giants Ricky Bowen, Mississippi State, 38/1139 (Covington ’06), Cincinnati Reds Michael Roberts, VMI, 38/1148 (Staunton ’08), Milwaukee Brewers Bobby Hernandez, Barry, 38/1162 (Staunton ’07), Boston Red Sox Nate Nelson, Worcester State, 40/1209 (New Market), Toronto Blue Jays Tyler Howe, Kentucky, 41/1244 (Luray ’06), New York Mets Ryan Danbury, North Florida, 42/1262 (Waynesboro), Houston Astros Ryan Wood, East Carolina, 42/1268 (Harrisonburg ’07), Milwaukee Brewers Kevin Ferguson, Tampa, 43/1309 (Luray ’05), Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Chris Taylor, Charlotte, 45/1354 (Luray ’05), St. Louis Cardinals Mike Modica, George Mason, 46/1379 (Haymarket ’07), Houston Astros Brandon Sizemore, Charleston, 46/1382 (Waynesboro ’06, ’07), St. Louis Cardinals David Torcise, South Florida, 47/1403 (Staunton ’05, ’06), Cincinnati Reds Zack Foster, Pitt-Bradford, 49/1452 (New Market), Pittsburgh Pirates Kevin Leslie, Faulkner, 50/1484 (Waynesboro), Cincinnati Reds To report any corrections to this list or omissions, please email the Media Relations Director. 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