Mother Nature Has Struck Again

07/07/2008 – Turks Tidbits

After a cloudy, overcast start, Monday was a beautiful summer day at least until three-thirty when the skies opened up and Mother Nature began to dump the wet stuff. In a thirty minute period Veterans Memorial field was covered under water. Coach Wease quickly made the call to Fauquier to tell them to hold the bus and wait to see if the rain stopped and if there was any chance to prepare the field. The rain contined to fall and the calls had to be made to everyone that the game was rained out for the third time. The make-up game at home with Fauquier has not been scheduled yet but will be posted as soon as a date has been set. Tomorrow night the Turks (9-17) will travel to Staunton to take on the Braves (14-14) and then return back home on Wednesday to face the Front Royal Cardinals (10-18). Game time is 7:30 p.m.