Woodstock River Bandits Assistant GM Harry Combs Passes Away

09/04/2009 – Turks Tidbits

The Harrisonburg Turks join the Woodstock River Bandits and the rest of the Valley Baseball League in mourning the death of Mr. Harry Combs. Mr. Combs served as the Assistant General Manager of the River Bandits since the team joined the VBL in 2004 under the ownership of Stu Richardson. Being involved in sports and programs for young athletes was nothing new to Mr. Combs. He was a huge fan and supporter of the Central High School Athletic Program and donated countless hours of his time to the Woodstock Parks and Recreation Program. He also served on Harrisonburg’s WHSV TV-3 Student Athlete of the Week Selection Committee. He was also a supporter of the University of Virginia sports program and employed by their Athletic Department. He was a sports photographer for the Northern Virginia Daily for a number of years. He worked as the Auto Parts Manager of the Woodstock Garage for twenty-six years. The Woodstock community was very blessed to have such an active and supportive resident as Harry Combs. He will sadly be missed within the Valley Baseball League family.