A Damper In Staunton

06/06/2010 – Turks Tidbits

Braves Strike Down the Turks 8-1 Written by Todd Jones James Madison University Intern The lightning that was forecast as a possibility for Sunday evening’s game never showed up and without the needed electricity the Turks bats were unable to create any thunder. Harrisonburg fell 8-1 to the Staunton Braves after 8 1/2 innings of play on Sunday. Staunton, fresh off their home opener win against Rockbridge scored two runs in the bottom of the 1st inning to set an aggressive offensive tone that they would carry through the game. The second inning saw Staunton OF Steve Scoby catch a foul fly ball, and make another catch on a pop up to compliment a strike out which retired the Turks bats for the inning. With the Braves coming to the plate up 2-0 Harrisonburg’s defense held strong as OF Tyler Carpenter (U. Texas San Antonio) ran down a fly ball for an out. The Turks starting pitcher Brian Holmes (Young Harris College) then struck out the next batter, and 3rd baseman J.J. Loker (USC Aiken) fielded a grounder to beat the runner at 1st base with the throw. At the top of the 3rd OF Cole Harrison dug in on a tipped hit beating an errant throw to first which allowed Harrison to make it a double. However the Turks followed this with two strike outs and a grounder hit by INF Joshua Band who was thrown out at 1st. In the bottom of the 3rd after Holmes walked the Braves’ Branca, Todd Brazeal cracked a homer that brought in two runs and put the Braves up 4-0. The top of the 45h showed a few signs of life from the Turks. OF Shaun Cooper (Pima C.C.) led off with a homer of his own to put the Turks on the scoreboard for what would end up being their only run of the night. After getting two walks and a base hit to load the bases 3rd baseman J.J. Loker (USC Aiken) was beat by the throw at 1st base for the third out, denying a golden opportunity for the Turks. At the bottom of the 4th the Turks made a pitching change and called upon right handed pitcher Aaron Luchterhand (Redlands C.C.). With two on base for the Braves, OF Chris Clinton hit a triple which brought in two more runs taking the score to 6-1 in Staunton’s successive Turks outs. The Turks held strong in the bottom by quickly retiring 3 batters ina row, highlighted by what may have been the play of the night. After a strong grounder was hit by Justinn Miller, Turks 2nd baseman Joshua Band made a bare handed grab off a high bounce and in one fluid jumping motion threw out the runner at 1st base. The 6th inning saw more defense as neither team was able to score until the bottom of the 7th when the Turks brought in pitcher Grabriel Grinder (Southeastern U.). Grinder is a right handed pitcher with ann unorthodox but effective sidearm pitch. After a base hit, in a very close call the Braves’ Branca stole 2nd base and then later was sent home by a double giving the Braves 7 runs. The top of the 8th was again stagnant for the Turks offense. After 2nd baseman Joshua Band (Rollins College) made a great play by getting a base hit off of a bunt, the Turks followed up with three consecutive outs. In the bottom of the 8th inning Braves OF Steve Antolik led off with a HR bringing the score to the night’s final tally of 8-1. After the homer Grinder struck out two batters and fielded a difficult ground ball throwing the runner out at 2nd. Despite two base hits in the 9th by 1st baseman Austin Erb (Ashland U.) and OF Cole Harrison (U. Florida) there would be no rally on this night. The Turks hope to bottle up some summer lightening before their next game at home Tuesday, May 8th versus Waynesboro game time is 7:30 p.m. so if you find yourself within earshot of Veterans Memorial Park Tuesday night and hear thunder despite a clear sky, rush on over to the game, hopefully the Turks bats will be creating the raucous.