Errors Rob Turks in Staunton, 6-5

Written By Adam Cherry
Intern, LaSalle
Turks Fall to the Braves 6-5
It was a beautiful night for baseball at Ted Bosiack Field
in downtown Staunton. The sun was shining, and there wasn't 
a cloud in the sky. Garret Ford (Georgia State) got the 
start for the Turks and he was facing off against Ryan 
Meisinger (Radford).

Sunday was the first time this season these two teams have 
squared off. Coming off last night's loss to Strasburg,
the Turks were extra fired up to win.

Both pitchers struggled to get through the first inning.
Christopher Barr (Miami) started the inning off for the 
Turks by reaching base on an error by the short stop. 
Barr was then bunted over to second by Hunter King (UNCG).  
Eric Kalbfleisch(UNCG)then laced a single to left field. 
Matt Rose (GA State)then lined a base hit into center 
field scoring Christopher Barr from third for the first 
run of the game. Daniel Nichols (GA) then singled to 
center field, scoring Kalbfleisch from second base. Joey
Roach then walked after a full count to load the bases. 
After another full count, McLean walked to score another run. 

The Braves started the bottom of the first with a blooper 
that fell right between Rose and Roach and a 
double down the line, Gunner McNeil came up and hit an 
opposite field home run, just over the 355 sign in right 
field. After the first inning, the score was tied 3-3.

Thomas Spitz (Wingate) flexed his muscle in the second 
inning by hitting a double off the wall in left field. 
Eric Kalbfleisch continued his hot batting by hitting a
single off the pitcher, moving runners to first and third. 
The Turks left the two base runners stranded and could not score.

The defensive blunders carried over into the second inning.
After a walk, two hitters were able to bunt their way on 
base because of bad defensive communication. Hunter King 
then made a phenomenal diving play up the 
middle to steal an out at second base. Garrett Ford made 
another great play with a chopper that went behind the 
mound, spinning and firing home to get the runner going home. At 
the end of the second inning, the Braves led, 4-3.

The Braves started the third inning with a single. The 
next hitter then sacrificed the base runner to second base.
With one out in the inning, Derek Gallello hit a single 
between the second and first basemen to score the runner 
from second. Jimmy Redovian was able to reach base because
of another fielding error. Joey Rodriguez then hit a 
long fly ball off the wall in left field to score the runner
from second. After the first pitch, Rodriguez stole 
second. Garret Ford was able to strike out the next hitter
on three pitches.

Thomas Spitz continued his hot hitting in the fourth by 
lacing a single over the third basemen's out stretched 
arms. The Turks were not able to bring him around to score 

The Braves were able to get runners on base with two outs, 
but after a diving play by Hunter King and a late throw to 
first, Christopher Barr made a great heads up play by 
throwing the ball to home to get the runner rounding 

The Turks brought James Ziemba Duke)in from the pen in the
fifth inning to replace Garrett Ford. Ziemba was able 
to tower over the opposing hitters and go one, two, three.
The 6'11" pitcher was able to pound fastballs in upon 
opposing hitters. Ziemba was able to continue his dominance
throughout the rest of the game.

The Turks were able to capitalize in the seventh inning 
scoring two more runs. Thomas Spitz was able to reach first
base with one out on a fielding error by the second basemen. 
Hunter King was able to reach base by hitting a single to 
right field. The two runs were able to put the Turks behind by one.

The stage was set in the ninth inning. Jace Whitely (Winthrop) led
the ninth inning off with a hard ground ball back at the pitcher. 
He was not able to make the play giving the Turks a lead off 
runner. Whitley was able to advance to second on a wild pitch. 
The Turks were not able to score Whitley, ending the game in a 
6-5 loss to the Braves. Garrett Ford takes the loss for
the Turks (0-1). Ryan Meisinger (1-0) earns the Braves their 
first win of the season.

Adam Cherry is a current Turks pitcher and writes feature recaps for Harrisonburg away games.