The Valley Baseball League has released the following article regarding the completion of the 2014 season and the playoffs.


According to the VBL Operating Policies and Procedures, the 2014 regular season will end on July 27; however, league president Donald Lemish has granted permission for make-up games to be played on July 28, provided they do not affect first- or second- place standings. The playoffs will start on July 29 and must conclude no later than August 10.

League rules require that a one-game playoff be set if there is a tie for first place. July 28 is reserved for that possibility and is why the president has issued the “provision” that no make-up game involving those teams in first or second place could be played on the 28. The league tie-breaker system will be used to determine all other positions in the standings following any make-up games played on July 28.

“There is no doubt in my mind that we are not going to complete the regular season schedule.  We have hade too many postponements already. The line has been drawn to protect the playoffs and insure that they can be completed,” said Lemish.

All three rounds of the playoffs are three-game series.  If each series went the maximum number of games, the playoff would end Aug. 6.  However, inclement weather could extend the playoffs by as much as an additional four days.  League rules state that the league must conclude play by Aug. 10.