2016 Turks Internship Staff were an Outstanding Team

Every season the Harrisonburg Turks accept interns from James Madison University that works with the team in a variety of capacities.This year’s staff did a wonderful job for us.

2016 Summer InternsThe Turks were blessed to have an outstanding graphic design/marketing intern, Mary McMahan. Mary was one of the “Turkettes” and worked in the concession stand since she was in middle school. This year as a junior at James Madison University she added another major at JMU and wanted to put her graphic design skills to work for the Turks. She did an amazing job handling our social media accounts, making banners, and posting pictures for our FaceBook page, and posting pictures on Instagram. She redesigned our Turks website. She captured wonderful game day pictures for our fans to enjoy. She produced some videos. Mary also designed the Turks t-shirts that were sold in the merchandise stand and the practice shirts the players wore. She also designed the Turks schedule poster and the 2016 Valley Baseball League All Star Game poster. If you have FaceBook I encourage you to visit the Harrisonburg Turks page and look back over our summer.

Thank you Mary for sharing all of your talents with the Turks and our fans. You will be sadly missed next season dear friend. Mary enters her senior year at JMU and will receive a degree in Spanish and Marketing. Best wishes to you Mary on an amazing career when you graduate next spring.   Remember … “Once a Turk … Always a Turk”

Here are two videos that Mary put together for your enjoyment. Click on link to watch.

https://www.facebook.com/HarrisonburgTurks/videos/1425534430796724/  “Harrisonburg Turks Summer 2016”

https://www.facebook.com/HarrisonburgTurks/videos/1429992197017614/  “Thank you Bob and Teresa”

2016 Intern Staff

The Turks have been very fortunate to have Erin Earhart work with us for her three years. Erin started working with us as a junior at Broadway High School. She assisted the college students her first summer and learned all about game day operations for a summer league team. She actually did her DECA project on the Turks organization and advanced to States.
When she returned her senior year she found out that the intern staff was her alone. So together Erin and Teresa Wease handled all of the on-field games, etc. that season. Due to the outstanding job that she had done for the Turks, Erin was made the Crew Chief this season and once again proved herself invaluable to the team. Erin enters her sophomore year and plays basketball at Marymount University. She plans to go into athletic training.

The Turks had three Sports Management/Sports Recreation interns; Cody Zeman, Bill Menefee, and Michael Ray. Cody graduated in May from JMU and was doing an internship with the Turks this summer to add to his resume as he enters the job market. Bill Menefee will be a senior at JMU this fall and was doing a 400 hour internship for his major. Michael Ray will be a senior also this fall and was doing a 90 hour practicum but worked the entire season with us. These three young men learned about game day operations running a summer league team. They were the liaisons for the team. They handled all of the on-field promotional games and the 50/50 raffle. They were responsible for designing and producing the game day rosters for our fans and our game day script for the press box. They assisted our National Anthem performers, our first pitch guests, our game sponsors, Field of Dream Teams, Church Youth Groups, and all of our community organization guests. They did everything from setting up, cleaning up and tearing down for every game. They worked a very long day for the VBL All Star Game. Thank you Cody, Bill and Michael for a job well done!

2016 Daniel Ware staff writer2016 Jackson Campbell broad internDaniel Ware was our staff writer that did great job of writing game recaps for all of our home games.

JMU senior, Jackson Campbell, was our broadcasting intern that worked with Dave Norman on the Turks WebCast, bringing all of our home games into the homes of our Turks families and fans that couldn’t make it to the game. Jackson also used his writing talents and traveled to our away games to write game summary articles.

We encourage you to go back through our Turks web site and read all of the articles these two talented young men provided our fans.

Thank you to all of these college students for an outstanding job. It was a pleasure working with each of you and the Harrisonburg Turks appreciate all of your hard work and dedication to making this a great season!  “Once a Turk Always a Turk”  !!