Turks Add to Their Win Streak

Kaelyn Spickler
Turks Staff Writer

Harrisonburg, Va- The Harrisonburg Turks served notice that they are ready to join the competitive division race with a 3-1 win against the Waynesboro Generals last night. After bringing in some new players to fill holes in the roster, the Turks seem to be on fire. Currently the team has the highest win streak and the highest record for the last 10 games in the Valley Baseball League. This is the outcome Coach Bob Wease has been assuring fans we would see all season long.

“The guys are in the game. We got great pitching. Tonight, we had men on second and third but couldn’t get the ball in play, but that happens in baseball. I’m happy with the way the guys are playing. Everyone’s playing good,” Coach Wease said.

The pitching, like Coach Wease said, has been strong for the Turks in the past several games. Tonight Jacob Ferris, of Eastern Kentucky University, started on the mound for the Turks. Ferris pitched into the eighth inning and allowed seven hits and struck out nine batters. Ferris is now undefeated on the mound with three wins.

Relieving Ferris in the top of the eighth was Brandon Stephens. Stephens, of UNC Greensboro, was recently added to the Turk s roster and made last night his debut performance for the season. Striking out his first batter in the top of the eighth and the last batter in the top of the ninth made his debut a strong one.

On the offensive side the Turks took some time to get going as the Generals were first on the scoreboard in the top of the first. The Turks got back in the game after a lone single from first baseman Josh Madole in the bottom of the fourth. Madole eventually scored on a wild pitch from the Generals’ pitcher.

The Turks didn’t cross home plate again until the top of the seventh, despite having runners on base in the previous innings. “Baseball always makes me nervous, but the guys made me feel at home. I wanted to be aggressive early and make things happen,” Immanuel Wilder, Turks’ new centerfielder from Western Carolina University said. Wilder hit a double in the top of the seventh, and Nick Zona followed with a single to bring in Wilder. Second baseman, McCann Mellett, who hit two singles earlier in the game, brought Zona in with his sacrifice fly. This put the Turks ahead 3-1.

In the bottom of the eighth, the Turks saw singles from Madole and left fielder Aaron Levy, but both runners were left stranded. The pitching by Stephens, however, in the final innings held the Generals to their one run, putting the Turks on top for their fifth win in a row.

“I’m so proud of these guys. You know a lot of teams that are 2-7, they have the tendency to get down and fold, but these guys have not folded one bit, and they keep coming out every day. I tell them every day, ‘this is the first game of the rest of your life. Play it like it’s your last game,’” Coach Wease said.

The Turks (9-8) are ready to come out tonight and play like it’s their last game when they face the Staunton Braves (11-7). The Braves are just a game behind the Turks in the last 10 games standing, and based off their previous three match-ups, it’s sure to be a close game. Come out to Veterans Memorial Park tonight at 7:30, and bring the AM VETS coupon in yesterday’s Daily News Record that can be found in the sports section. The AM VETS is a veteran’s service organization that works to improve the quality of life for the veterans and their families. The Turks want to thank all of our veterans’ for their service and sacrifice.