Updated Valley League Playoff Picture

07/27/2008 – allthingsvalleyleague.typepad.com

The Valley League playoff picture is gonna be a race down to the finish line or last game Monday night. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to get a clear picture or answers to scenerios from the right people. However, I found this information on John Leonard’s "All Things Valley League" web site. I thought I’d share his outlook on things with our fans for now until I can get the official word. Thanks John! The updated standings: Record Pct. GB Games Remaining 1. Luray 30-12 .714 (2)Woodstock, Waynesboro 2. Waynesboro 29-13 .690 1 (2)@Staunton, @Luray 3. Fauquier 26-16 .619 4 (2)@Haymarket, @Woodstock 4. Winchester 26-17 .605 4.5 (1)Front Royal 5. Staunton 23-20 .535 7.5 (1)Waynesboro Covington 23-20 .535 7.5 (1)@Harrisonburg 7. Haymarket 18-25 .419 12.5 (1)Fauquier 8. Harrisonburg 17-25 .405 13 (2)@New Market, Covington 9. New Market 15-27 .357 15 (2) @ Harrisonburg, Front Royal 10. Woodstock 14-28 .333 16 (2) @ Luray, Fauquier 11. Front Royal 12-30 .286 18 (2) @Winchester, @New Market Observations Haymarket has not quite clinched the #7 seed yet- if they lose and Harrisonburg wins twice, the Turks will be #7 and the Senators #8. They have clinched a playoff spot, though! New Market is still hanging on to a chance to tie Harrisonburg for the #8 seed. The Rebels must win twice, and the Turks must lose twice. Then the teams will play a one-game playoff to see who gets to face either Waynesboro or Luray! Covington moved up into a tie with Staunton for the #5 seed. Staunton holds the tiebreaker, as the Braves went 3-1 in the season series. In other words, if Staunton beats Waynesboro tonight, they clinch the #5 seed. Winchester is only a half game behind Fauquier for the #3 seed, but the Gators hold the tiebreaker, as they beat the Royal 3-1 in the season series. So if the Gators win one more game, they will clinch the #3 seed (and play the #6 seed in the first round- either Staunton or Covington) Woodstock was eliminated from playoff contention last night with their loss to Winchester.