Alex Cruz Earns Harrisonburg and Valley League POTW Awards

This week the Turks Player of the Week honors come from achievement with the throwing arm rather than the bat as Alex Cruz earns the award.

Cruz made two relief appearances this week, totaling 7.1 Innings Pitched. In that time Cruz logged 9 strike-outs allowing just 3 hits.  The sophomore from Georgia Tech began the season with 3 quality starts and has since been closing the door on opposing offenses late in the game.  On the season Cruz has an ERA of 5.20 in 27.2 innings of work.  He can overpower hitters with his dominating fastball, combined with a devastating breaking pitch that leaves batters stumped.  Cruz also fields his position efficiently, playing error free from the mound so far this season.  As the second half of the season races past, Cruz has found comfort on the mound and instrumental in closing out ballgames.

Cruz was also honored this week by the Valley League being selected as the Southern Division Pitcher of the Week.   Among other things, the league noted that no player got a run off of him throughout the week, and batters facing him hit a league-low .120 over the past seven days.