2012 Pitchers Ortman and O’Neill Garner Special Praise

Harrisonburg fans are well aware of what happens when Shawn O’Neill and Dillon Ortman stand on the mound with a baseball in their hand.

Now it seems the good folks over at PerfectGame.org are well aware too.

PerfectGame is a baseball website that covers everything from high school sluggers to the big boys in pinstripes, and they have put together a who’s who of sorts for the Valley League. The website suggests LaSalle’s O’Neill as the most impressive pitcher of the 2012 season (3-1, 5 saves, 1.40 ERA).

Auburn product Dillon Ortman also makes the list. PG highlights Ortman’s impressive 7-2 record, the only Valley League pitcher to total seven wins, as well as the remarkable .196 batting average his opponents hit.

Harrisonburg was the only team with two pitchers to make the very exclusive list.

You can read the whole article here.