Roster Set for 2014

Despite the 2013 season ending with an early playoff loss for the Turks at the end of July, the organization has been hard at work on crafting the roster for the 2014 season since late September. This year’s incarnation will feature an exorbitant number of returning players, 13 in total, making it the highest return rate in over a decade. This high number of returners is fluid, of course, and will depend heavily on the draft and injuries. Of those who could return from last summer, 11 are eligible for the draft with another two from 2012’s championship squad and three new faces also eligible. While it is a blessing to have a wealth of talent, having a high number of alumni and contracted players go in the the draft is just as nice, speaking to the team’s prior performance, prospect strength, and ease for scouts to judge summer ball performances. 

The Turks 2014 roster can be seen by clicking on the “2014 Roster” tab above.