Talented Trojan Closer to be a Turk

Corey Childress - Troy 2016Troy University first-year Head Coach and long-time Trojan assistant, Mark Smartt is sending right hand pitcher Corey Childress to Harrisonburg. Notable Trojans that have also been Turks include RHP Chris Sorce (Seattle Mariners signee) and 1B Clint Robinson of the Washington Nationals, arguable the best all-time Trojan.

Childress is a junior from Fairhope, Alabama and came to Troy with a high-profile, having been All-State and an Honorable Mention All-American his senior year in high school. Childress was the opening day starter as a freshman, the first time in Troy’s history that happened. He started 10 games that season he posted a 3-5 record and a 5.18 ERA.

In 2016 thCorey Childress pitchinge Trojans converted Childress to a reliever, where he has logged an excellent 2.21 ERA in 22 appearances. He has also racked up 10 saves allowing just 30 hits in 36 innings. His move to the closers role has helped his power arm shine, he has punching out 38, only walking 11 and yielding no home runs. In an up-and-down year for Troy, Childress has been one constant on the mound they have been able to rely on for consistent outs.

Starter or closer, Corey is sure to be an impact player for Harrisonburg.